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By default, Apollo will send a reminder to event attendees 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time of the event.


The timing of reminders can be modified with the /settings reminder_interval command, which applies to all events on the server.

When it's time to send a reminder, Apollo will create a public thread on the event and send a reminder in the thread that mentions relevent attendees. If a thread already exists for the event, Apollo will send a reminder in the existing thread.

Configuring reminders

Reminders are sent when:

  • The user has reminders enabled
  • The user is signed up for an option that has reminders enabled

Users are opted in to reminders by default, but they can opt out with /reminders off.

By default, only the Accepted signup option has reminders enabled, but this can be configured during event creation or when editing an event.

Channel reminders

By default reminders are sent in a thread, but they optionally be sent in the event channel instead via the /settings thread_reminders command.