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Attendee roles

Apollo Premium allows event organizers to configure a Discord role to add to event attendees.

There are two options for assigning a role to attendees:

Once an attendee role is setup, attendees will be given the role when they sign up for the event. The role will be removed from attendees when they remove their signup, or the event is deleted.

Permission check

Apollo must have the Manage Roles permission in order to assign roles to attendees.

Temporary attendee roles

When using a temporary role, Apollo will create a role in the format of:


For example, an event titled Clan Games Night that is the fifth event created on a server would have a temporary role with the name apollo-clan-games-night-5.

Temporary roles are deleted when the event is deleted, or when the event is modified to no longer have a temporary attendee role.

Enable by default

If desired, Apollo can be configured to create a temporary attendee role for all new events by default with /settings temp_roles on.

This command requires the Manage Server permission to invoke.


If temporary roles are enabled by default, they can still be configured on a per event basis.

Persistent attendee roles

When using an existing role as the attendee role, Apollo will add and remove the role to attendees as they update their responses.

When the event is deleted, the role will be removed from all attendees.


Apollo will not allow users to assign a persistent attendee role if they don't personally have permission to Manage Roles on the server.


When using a persistent attendee role, the role must be below Apollo's highest role in the role hierarchy list, otherwise Apollo will not be able to add the role to attendees.

Multiple events

When multiple events share the same persistent attendee role, the role is only removed from an attendee when they are not signed up for any events with the persistent attendee role.


John signs up for two events, both of which have the same persistent attendee role.

John's attendee role will be removed when his responses are removed from both events. Response removal can occur by John manually removing his signup, but it will also occur if the event is deleted.

Using attendee roles

An attendee role can be configured during event creation on the advanced options prompt (the last prompt when creating an event).

When the attendee role option is selected, you’ll have the option to let Apollo create a temporary attendee role, or to specify an existing role to assign to attendees.


Attendee roles are granted to users who sign up for signup options that have reminders enabled.

By default, only the Accepted option has reminders enabled, but this can be configured on a per event basis.

Modify attendee roles

Attendee roles can be fully modified for both single and recurring events.

When an event attendee role is added, removed, or updated, we’ll go through the list of attendees on the event to ensure that their attendee role is correct.


When updating an attendee role for an event with a large number of attendees, it can take a minute to update everyone’s role.