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Event channels

Event channels are regular Discord text channels that Apollo will take over, allowing events in the channel to be sorted, or for non event messages to be purged when a new event is posted.

Create an event channel

Event channels are created with the /channel command.


Apollo cannot currently take over an existing channel as an event channel; a new channel must be created.

The user issuing the command must have the Manage Server permission or have the Discord role designated to allow channel creation.

To allow additional users to create event channels, you can assign an event channel role with /settings role channel. This will allow any user with the given role to create event channels.

Required permissions

To create an event channel, Apollo must have the follow permissions.

  • Read Messages
  • Read Message History
  • Manage Channels

If you run into permission issues, be sure to check your category permission overrides for Manage Channels.

Add events

When issuing the /event command outside of an event channel, the first prompt will ask if you'd like to post the event in the current channel, another channel, or in one of your event channels. The option to select an event channel is only present if one or more event channels are configured.

If the /event command is issued from within an event channel, the initial prompt to select a channel is skipped and the event will be created in the same channel.

Sort an event channel

Event channels can sort events by chronological order with the /sort command. To reverse the sort order, use /sort descending.

Users must have the Manage Server permission to use the /sort command and have voted for Apollo on in the last twelve hours. The voting requirement is bypassed if there is an active Premium membership.

An event channel can only be sorted if there are 10 or fewer events in the channel. This limit is increased to 25 if there is an active Premium membership.

Purge non event messages

By default non event messages (that aren't pinned) are purged from an event channel when a new event is posted or deleted. The goal of this feature is to maintain an event channel as a place for events only, free of distraction.

This can be disabled with the /settings purge off command.


When a message with a thread (that isn't an event message) is deleted as part of a purge, the thread remains intact.