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For more information on a command, click the link in the description.

/channelCreate an event channel
/editModify an event
/eventCreate a new event
/google authorizeAuthorize a new Google Calendar connection
/google auto_sync disableDisable Google Calendar auto sync
/google auto_sync setSet a Google Calendar to automatically sync events to
/google revokeRevoke access to a Google Calendar
/google syncSync an event to a Google Calendar
/premium activateActive a Premium membership on the current server
/premium infoLearn more about Apollo Premium
/premium revokeRevoke a Premium membership from a server
/premium statusView the status of your Premium memberships
/remindersConfigure personal reminder settings
/settings 24_hour_timeConfigure 24 hour time display
/settings auto_deleteConfigure automatic event deletion
/settings auto_delete_intervalConfigure when automatic event deletion occurs
/settings auto_join_threadsConfigure if new attendees are added to event threads
/settings event_threadsConfigure if events are posted with a thread
/settings localize_timeConfigure if users see event times in their local time zone
/settings purgeConfigure if messages are purged from event channels
/settings reminder_intervalConfigure when event reminders are delivered
/settings role channelConfigure which role is allowed to create event channels
/settings role deleteConfigure which role is allowed to delete events
/settings role eventConfigure which role is allowed to create events
/settings role signup_optionsConfigure which role is allowed to manage signup options
/settings role editConfigure which role is allowed to edit and sort events
/settings show_attendeesConfigure if attendee names are displayed on events
/settings thread_remindersConfigure if event reminders are sent in a thread
/signup_options addAdd a new custom signup option
/signup_options removeRemove a custom signup option
/signup_presets addCreate a preset group of signup options
/signup_presets removeRemove a preset group of signup options
/sortSort events by chronological order