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Modifying events

Event modification is important to have when we inevitably make mistakes creating an event or the event details have changed.

Events can be modified in two ways:

  • With the /edit command
  • By clicking the Edit button on an event

To modify a recurring series without affecting an already posted event, the /edit command must be used.

Users can edit events that they've created. Users with the Manage Server Discord permission are able to edit all events on the server.

Editable attributes‚Äč

The following event attributes can be modified on an event:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Start time
  • Duration
  • Recurrence pattern
  • Mentions
  • Signup option capacity and reminders
  • Enable/disable multiple signups
  • Restrictions (requires Premium)
  • Color (requires Premium)
  • Image (requires Premium)
  • Attendee role (requires Premium)

Sign up options can not be added or removed from an event at this time.